Green Cast

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Green Cast


Green Cast™ fiberglass and Green Cast™ Poly Urethane resin is an excellent rigid support intended for use in the construction of most common
orthopaedic casts.
Green Cast™ is comprised of knitted fiberglass fabric impregnated with a water-activated polyurethane resin,
providing superlative performance of molding for its casting applications.


- High quality knitted fabric (Fiberglass/Polyester)
- Safe, clean, easy to apply
- Low price guarantee
- Eco-Friendly (Polyester) 

Patient’s benefits

- Breathable
- High strength yet light weight
- Durability
- Color diversity 

User’s benefits

- Tack-free resin (Non-sticky to fingers)
- Secure end lamination
- Radiolucent
- Weight-bearing in 20 minutes 

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